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"It took me a few minutes to repair but took me much longer frustrating hours to learn how to do it!"


Accept Repairs and servicing on all types of TVs. CRT, Plasma, LCD, TFT, LED, Projection type. Have been in the Electronics servicing industry for more than years, focusing primarily on TV servicing and repairs.

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Today hands on experience must be embraced with continuous learning. After graduated as an IT Engineer by the University of London, I have enrolled to continuous training programs to keep in line with the rapid pace in technology. Actually I am a member of a larger International community of TV Engineers where we discuss and share our experiences regarding new TV sets and faults encountered. The latter has been one of the best contributor in building knowledge and perform repairs efficiently, faster and to a higher standard.

The business is run entirely by a single person..only me:) Hence many costs that larger companies have to charge their loyal customers, do not apply with my service. Although it is not the price that should discriminate between competing services, it may be a beneficial aspect to customers in general.

My believe is that reputation is a virtue achieved with time and hard work!